Learn anything by working alongside local experts

Develop cutting-edge skills, build an extensive resume, and finish with guaranteed employment without the boredom or debt

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The Degree Alternative that's Better, Faster, Free

RebilderX provides paid apprenticeship programs that enable you to earn a master’s equivalent education in half the time, at zero net-cost, and with guaranteed employment. With apprenticeship programs in 30+ cities, you’ll spend most of your time working on active projects alongside experienced professionals. By time you finish, you’ll have a portfolio overflowing with successful work and a professional network that spans the globe.


Learn by Doing

Apprenticeships not classes

When it comes to developing practical skills and real-world ability, there’s nothing better than on-the-job experience working alongside an expert.


A Record of Excellence

Resumés not degrees

Real learning comes from the experience of real-world work, projects, and responsibility. Degrees mean little, experience means everything.


Get Paid to Learn

Debt-free not debt-slave

RebilderX pays every one of our apprentices. While it won’t make you rich, you’ll easily earn enough to finish debt-free + some savings.

RebilderX Business Services

RebilderX provides on-demand, apprentice-powered professional services for businesses of all sizes – from one-person freelancers to early stage startups and multi-national corporations. Each team is led by a local group of senior professionals with decades of industry experience and expertise so you get the best of both worlds – world-class results at an entry-level price.